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1st I need to make it clear that I'M NOT A VIETNAM WAR VETERAN and I'm also not a Marine.  I served some time proudly in the US Army and I did what I could. The Vietnam War was over with by that time..

I've always wanted to create a web site to honor those that served in Vietnam and also to give people a glimpse into this war.

After nagging a client of mine for two years, this hero allowed me to scan some of his photographs taken during the time that he proudly and heroically served with the US Marines in Vietnam.  He asked that instead of just him, I should dedicate it to Delta 1/5 and it was May 7, 2000 that I launched the website with the first few photos.

As I write this, I'm in the middle of redoing this website and have it online by the time the 5th Anniversary of it comes around on the 7th of May, 2005.

Over the last few years while working on this project I've found that if  someone misunderstands something, it becomes the fact and that no matter what you do to try and correct it, you're wasting your time and at times that has been depressing but I've always done my best to keep moving forwards.

I know that PTSD and "old" age tend to clash paranoia with technology and you have to reach past that and help.    Welcome Home To All That Served In Viet-Fuckin-Nam!!!!!

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